Venomous Critters

Remember that our sunny weather year round can lure snakes into the open. Make sure and check in brush and near landscaping for snakes. When entering buildings, check walkways and doorways. Preventing encounters is always the safe thing to do.


Don't try to contain or kill the snake. Immediately contact the Safety or Security Department so the right personnel can remove the snake.


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This will be your place to check for up-to-date announcements, bulletins, or messages. You will be able to access your e-mail and shared files here. Make this your one stop when off site for information and communication!


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Safety Modules

The PTRC Safety Program consists of weekly All Hands Safety Briefings (Wednesday at 11:30 AM) and an online course with nine modules completed yearly by each employee. To access the online course:

1. Go to
2. Log in is your first name period last name (john.doe)
3. Password is either your Banner ID # or the custom password you chose
4. Go to the Safety Course. The menu item for modules is Safety Topics.
5. Remember to PRINT your certificate and give it to the Safety Office.


E-Mail Access

You may access your PTRC e-mail from any computer with Internet HERE.

1. Choose the "Continue to this website (not recommended)" option.

2. Enter Domain/ User Name: emrtc/username

3. Enter Password: network password



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