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We are committed to providing our customers with state of the art training venues and support. Our primary goal is to bring together world-class facilities, technologies, and experts to deliver a training or research experience, aimed at achieving our customers' goals.

New Mexico Tech

PTRC is managed by the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC) of New Mexico Tech, a public university located in Socorro, NM. Founded in 1947, EMRTC has earned a renowned reputation in research, testing, and training and is sustained by nationally recognized scientists, engineers, computer analysts, instructors, and technicians. For other affiliates, see link at page bottom.

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A Unique Training Experience!

Playas Training and Research Center (PTRC) serves government and industry clients, nationally and internationally, that require controlled environment, reality-based testing and training venues in any aspect of physical security.


PTRC provides a unique, adaptive, controlled, and comprehensive range platform to advance the effectiveness and appropriateness of client tactics, techniques, and procedures.


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Latest News

Successful Military Training

Military units were recently involved in training to prepare them for deployment to Afghanistan. Cultural sensitivity and knowing the rules in dealing with native tribes are valuable lessons that help US soldiers navigate the mission of enlisting civilian support against terrorist activities.


Afghan VillageA news crew was on hand as soldiers and Afghan role players interacted. See the story and video here.


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Customer Testimonial

--> "It's clear to me why so many government organizations and other military branches utilize the training facility at Playas. The large scale operations and the attention to detail ensure the scenarios are as accurate as possible." Military Reporter during Angel Thunder 2011

-->"Absolutely great training. High angle was a huge plus." Designated Marksman Exercise

-->"This is the next best thing to deploying and conducting actual operations." Counterinsurgency Training

-->"I learned how to interact with locals and use assets (ANA/ANP) in many situations." U.S. Army Soldier

-->"The learning benefits consisted of COP operations, op tempo, mission set, and overall hands-on experience." U.S. Army Commander

--> "The training venue was ideal. Strongly reminded me of Afghanistan (terrain and dust). Cadre was professional." Counterinsurgency Training

Time in Playas - soldier at Playas


There are many photos and videos on our MediaLink page.

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