New Directions

Law Enforcement is not what it used to be. In an increasingly complex world, the field has widened to include specialties such as SWAT, K9 units, protective services, bomb squads, and focused tactical teams. Each needs specialized training, such as that occurring at PTRC.


There are two tricycles, a barbeque grill, and a doll on the lawn. The open window offers a glimpse of a modest room. The birds are singing. Inside, however, there are three bomb makers and an undercover officer who has just been "made" whose life is in danger.


Realism is simulation designed to create "reality" by furnishing sensory, situational, and population details that work to suspend disbelief. In law enforcement, this is accomplished through the use of role players, scenarios, and objectives. Operating in a "real" residential neighborhood with cars on the street and...READ MORE

Mexico Crisis

(PLAYAS, NEW MEXICO, Fall 2010) – Attorney General Gary King revealed a week-long training session for Mexican law enforcement was held at a facility in southwestern New Mexico under tight security measures.
“Various crime experts, police, and prosecutors from Mexico were given training in crime scene investigation and courtroom
prosecution, “ says Attorney General King. “We conducted the training without fanfare due to the volatile situation in parts of
Mexico involving targeted attacks against law enforcement. We did not want to put anyone in danger so we kept it quiet until it was

Staff from the AG’s Border Violence Division, New Mexico State Police Crime Scene Team, Conference of Western Attorneys
General, and the NM Tech Playas training facility coordinated the training which involved CSI techniques in mock crime scenes,
and mock trail prosecutorial procedures. Training began May 2 and wrapped up May 7...READ MORE

To Protect and Serve

Playas Training and Research Center (PTRC) currently serves local, state, federal, and the international law enforcement community. It provides a safe and secure environment for any training that supports the mission of the world's peacekeepers. It offers a controlled and realistic training environment which offers law enforcement personnel a premier training experience.


PTRC's range platform is unique, adaptive, and comprehensive, sharpening and advancing the effectiveness and appropriateness of law enforcement tactics, techniques, and procedures.

dog attack


The expansive urban range contains over 100 standard residential structures, some fully instrumented for remote viewing and recording. During After Action Review, training can be reviewed and trainees can evaluate their performance. These training structures are available for a full range of tactical, K-9, and patrol-based scenarios.


The "beat" is now global

Capabilities and Capacities 

  • Multiple, 10-120 seat, fully instrumented classrooms
  • Residential structures available to house instructors and students
  • Dining facilities
  • DoD and ATF certified storage facilities for arms, ammunition, and explosives
  • Over 100 three-bedroom, two-bath residential training structures available for simulated dynamic scenarios, team tactics force-on-force engagements, explosive breaching (external and internal tactical charges), gun port charges, wall breaches and break and rake for total structure domination
  • "Maze houses" for training in low visiblility residence entry and rescue
  • Live-fire sniper training can be accommodated
  • Customer-provided aviation assets can be used for skid inserts, tactical rappels, or fast rope insertions
  • Dignitary Protection training
  • Dignitary Escort exercises
  • High risk stops
  • Patrol-based scenarios
  • Undercover officer rescue operations
  • Street jump or parking lot jump training
  • Tactical tracking in urban or open desert environments
  • Live-fire weapons training complex with
    1. -->high power rifle range with 1200 yard shooting distance and target butts capable of supporting up to .50 BMG semi-automatic or bolt action rifles
      -->unknown distance rifle range with 60' Conex tower with multiple levels and shooting ports
      -->300 yard rifle range
      -->two 100 yard rifle ranges
      -->25 yard pistol range
  • Plan, practice, and execute within a controlled and realistic environment:
    1. -->Search warrants
      -->Surveillance operations
      -->Hostage rescues
      -->WMD/Hazmat mass casualty events
  • Multi-purpose training room designed to support defensive tactics, close-quarter countermeasures and reality-based training scenarios

Reality based training is directly attributable to helping officers in high stress situations. Officers who have “lived” the situation before can

  • Move faster through future situations, jumping to the important elements and reading them accurately
  • Reduce the number of incidents of excessive use of force
  • Have better recall during After Action Reviews of high stress situations
  • Control their breathing and heart rate during such situations
  • Have less incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, thereby helping to extend their lives and careers.
Time in Playas -
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"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." -George Orwell