The Area

Playas is in the "boot heel" of New Mexico with Mexico south, Texas east, and Arizona west. It is near NM Hwy 9, which runs from the Arizona border near Rodeo along the Mexican border to the El Paso region.

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Chihuahuan Desert

The largest desert in North America, the Chihuahuan Desert spreads over 200,000 sq. miles. Most of it is Mexico, but it extends into southern parts of New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. Desert elevations are mainly from 3,500 to 5,000 feet.

Old Hachita

A nearby ghost town still echoes the mining background of the area. READ ABOUT IT

An Oasis in the Desert

Playas is located at latitude 31.917 and longitude -108.534, with an elevation of 4,498'. It is in high desert and receives less than 10 inches of precipitation yearly. There is an abundance of wildlife in the area and within town site borders. It is not uncommon to see herds of Mule Deer grazing on office grounds or in yards, coyotes checking out garbage cans, or javelina investigating yards. A resident bobcat family coexists with residents, as do quail, rabbits, and an occasional mountain lion.


Our location is:

-20 air miles from US/Mexico border
-130 miles from Las Cruces, NM
-180 miles from El Paso, TX airport (3 hours)
-180 miles from Tucson, AZ airport (3 hours)
-220 miles from New Mexico Tech in Socorro (3.5 hours)
-300 miles from Albuquerque, NM airport (4.5 hours)

-300 miles from Phoenix, AZ airport (4.5 hours)

Playas road sign


It's worth the trip!




Time in Playas -
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