JOC Award

"The Harry H. Mellon Award of Excellence recognizes excellence in principles and practices while identifying unique and innovative ways of using Job Order Contracting to complete construction projects." New Mexico Tech won this award when it "saved three months and at least $300,000 building a replica of an Afghan village and marketplace for anti-terrorism training in Playas, N.M." READ MORE

Afghan village

Military Lessons

April, 2012

PLAYAS, New Mexico — U.S. troops are scheduled to withdraw from Afghanistan just two years from now, but this week, the military announced it will maintain some presence beyond 2014.soldier in Afghan residence

To be ready, some troops are going to a special training center at the abandoned mining town of Playas, New Mexico. It recreates the dangerous conditions in Afghanistan... (Read Article)

Afghan Village



Successful Angel Thunder Exercise

October, 2011

In October, the sixth annual Angel Thunder Personnel Recovery and Rescue exercise was conducted in part at PTRC. "Angel Thunder started out as a humanitarian exercise rescuing people from natural disasters and then evolved into CSAR missions such as rescuing pilots shot down from improvised explosive devices striking convoys." (Johnson 2011, para. 6).


The two week exercise utilized diverse scenarios in which organizations from around the world were involved in hands-on exercises to increase skills in dealing with catastrophic events. Sixteen countries sent representatives to collaborate in the project, including helicoptor taking offCanada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Pakistan, and Australia. Chile, Egypt, El Salvador, Lebanon, Peru, Uruguay and Qatar observed the activities. Entities such as the National Park Service, Pima County Sheriff's Department, and the University of Arizona Police were also involved. Over 1400 military, state, and federal personnel, as well as 40 state and federal agencies, coalition forces and world organizations, participated in the world's largest search and rescue training.

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Photos used with permission, Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS)


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Johnson, L. "Reserve rescuers excel at Angel Thunder 2011," Air Force Reserve Command. 25 October 2011.


Military Role Player Study and White Paper

August, 2011

From September, 2010, through May, 2011, PTRC engaged in data collection and analysis to examine and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of role players in military training. Our goal was to explore ways to increase training effectiveness while eliminating unnecessary expense.


We generated more comprehensive scenarios and involved role players more vigorously in bottom-up management and sustainable practice. We collected evaluation data from Soldiers to improve the training process. The bottom line was decreased expense, greater role player involvement and sustainability, and sustained training effectiveness.


Feel free to read and share our white paper.

Military Role Player Effectiveness and Efficiency: Levaraging Role Player Capacity to Improve Service and Sustainability


Conferences and Conventions- Taking it on the Road

May, 2011

EMRTC and PTRC were represented at the May Joint Warfighting Conference May 10-12 in Virginia Beach by Dr. John Meason, Dennis Hunter, Scott Bisciotti, and Kim Kvamme. The booth provided information through marketing materials, videos, and general and specialized presentations.


General Odierno and PTRC reps


EMRTC's Associate Director Dennis Hunter and Director Dr. John Meason listen as Scott Bisciotti briefs General Odierno on operations at Playas.





Representatives hosted General Ray Odierno, the Commanding General of US Joint Forces Command, who was interested in the training of the Brigade from 1 AD, Ft. Bliss for three weeks in April and May. This training preceded June rotation to the National Training Center to prepare troops for deployment to Afghanistan. General Odierno was intrigued by the realism of PTRC's training environments. He previously served as the Commanding General of Multi-National Forces in Iraq, overseeing all U.S. and coalition forces there.


PTRC also exhibited at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Florida and at the Irregular Warfare Summit in Washington, D.C. later in May.

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BORSEC Program

April, 2011

Escalating violence along the Mexican border poses what officials call a "serious threat" to law enforcement officers, first responders, and residents along the 1,951-mile border.

The Border Security Center for Research, Education, Training and Technical Assistance (BORSEC) is an affiliate of EMRTC. Its mission is to partner with state and local organizations in NM and neighboring states to obtain supplemental funding to counter border violence, to stimulate and conduct research, education, training, and technical assistance to enforcement and personnel, and to protect the rights and safety of New Mexicans. Part of that training will be held at Playas Training and Research Center.



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Time in Playas -
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