Global Security

In a world when borders are blurring and events impact multiple nations, the issue of security is global. Collaboration among nations now creates secure operations and governments and protective services and technologies.

National Security

The United States government was established to preserve democracy and champion the rights and safety of each citizen. In the face of increasing threat to safety, the government acts to educate, implement, and enforce laws and procedures that ensure safety. That process requires training that adapts to changing circumstances. At PTRC, we are committed to improve effective and timely security training.

Security Training

PTRC offers venues, support, and facilities for security training.

  • Urban Operations
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • WMD Deterrence and Response
  • Convoy Operations and IED Defeat
  • International Training, Testing, and Evaluation
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Urban Training Center Research and Development
  • Evasive Driving


PTRC offers choices for your security training


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“We could reduce the future that we can build for our children if we respond to challenges in the wrong way. Whatever we do we have to have a care for the security of our nation, the character of our people, and the future of our children. We must respond in a way that is consistent with the larger obligation that we all have to build a more integrated global community.” -Bill Clinton