NM Bootheel

The Bootheel of New Mexico is characterized by three north-south mountain ranges-the Peloncillos, Animas Mountains, and the Big Hatchets. (Wikipedia)


Possibilities for Research!

PTRC offers many opportunities and facilities for research.

  • Our location in the sunny Southwest makes this a perfect place to study solar or wind power as renewable energy. The sun is almost always out and our winds, though not constant, can be powerful!
  • The high altitude and clear skies are a perfect place for astronomy. We are isolated from cities, so our air is clean and smog-free.
  • The wide open spaces around PTRC and our state-of-the-art electronics are a great testing ground for communication and surveillance equipment and systems. Visibility from high ground is superb and towers can connect across miles of valley floor or from peak to peak.
  • We have explosive ranges that can be used for research and testing.
  • There are unique opportunities to study the processes, costs, and effects of training (military, first responders, security, national preparedness).
  • Our air field is perfect for testing and development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). With plenty of room to maneuver, the sky is the limit.
  • Finally, there is research potential in the native flora and fauna; the high desert itself is an enchanting place.

Whatever your research interest, PTRC may be an excellent venue.


What can PTRC offer you?

COMPLETE TOWNSHIP INFRASTRUCTURE: Playas provides an established environment with streets, houses and buildings supported by operational.water, electricity, sewer, and surveillance systems.

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Security Systems
  • Clean Technologies - Energy and Water
  • Smart Home Technology and Automation Systems
  • Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy Sources
  • Landscape Impact
  • Soil and Water Contamination
  • Urban and Rural Bio-Diversity
  • Health Hazards (Toxins, Molds, Contaminants)

DIVERSE ENVIRONMENTS: PTRC offers 400,000 acres of rural, remote, and urban ranges in high desert, mountainous, and valley locations.

  • Vehicle Innovation and Application
  • Road and Traffic Safety Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Terrorism Vunerability
  • Use and Preservation of Natural Resources
  • Explosives and Weapons Testing
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Tracking and Surveillance

Consider PTRC as your research base


Time in Playas -
driving track law enforcement training horned toad mountains air robot
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News and Links

Herpetology Studies in SE Arizona and the Boot Heel of New Mexico (2006)

Wind in the Bootheel (video from a University of NM study 2008)

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