Ammunition Storage

PTRC has a secure explosives magazine compound sited an appropriate distance from our urban training range, but still close enough to be readily accessible to your ordnance technicians and breachers.  We have a separate weapons armory compound sited within our urban training range close to the client residential housing and Tactical Operations Center so that client weapons are readily accessible.


PTRC can provide secure and fully certified Arms, Ammunition & Explosives storage for our military and LE clients.  Our Type 2 magazines meet or exceed ATF specs 27 CFR 555.11 and US Military specs, including DoD 5100.76M, AR 190-11, and OPNAVINST 5530.13C.

Shots Fired!

Fortunately, Playas has wide open spaces surrounding the town site. Our current shooting range is being expanded to include longer distances and multiple lanes.


The live-fire weapons training complex includes:

      --> high power rifle range with 1200 yard shooting distance and target butts capable of supporting up to .50 BMG semi-automatic or bolt action rifles
      --> unknown distance rifle range with 60' Conex tower with multiple levels and shooting ports
      --> 300 yard rifle range
      --> two 100 yard rifle ranges
      --> 25 yard pistol range

We meet your needs for live-fire ranges!


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